Evasio Charter

Some answers to the most frequent questions. Please keep in mind before booking:

Standard requirements:
Personal documents:
  • Passport, nautical and federative licence, if owned.
    Remember to take:
  • Do not forget your medicines.
  • nautical shoes or footwear with clear glue sole.
  • Cap cover, sun oil, light clothes, swim suit, beach towels
  • A warm cloth, sun eyewear
  • All in a flexible bag (no rigid suitcases!)
  • If you wish to dive, you must bring the equipment (we do not have chargers aboard)
  • Money in metallic and Visa for the not included expenses (fuel, moorings, food...)
  • 220V available in all cabins (cellular phone chargers, shawers,...)
  • We do not admit animals.
  • For a journey of 24 or more hours:
  • Personal bathroom necéssaire.
  • Light clothes (only the useful: space is limited aboard).
  • How to reach Port Olímpic and the mooring place:
  • By car: Ronda Litoral way Besos, exit 22, or way Llobregat, exit 23
  • Underground-Subway: L4 (yellow line). Underground station: Ciudadella
  • On bus: bus 36-45-59-71
    In the port, how can I find the boat?:
  • In the mooring indicated in the contract.
  • You can reach the boat with a car to unload the bags.
  • Parking is not free, but it is possibile to let the car outside it after unload.
  • Booking:
  • Booking will have to be paid: 50% when signing of the contract, in metallic or through revenue in account
  • at least 30 days before the trip: failing in this will automatically invalidate the contract
  • 50% in metallic before embark.
  • A deposit for the estimated fuel consumption will be asked before embark.
  • Cancellations:
  • In case of cancelling 30 days before embarkment, the 50% paid will be returned.
  • Less than 30 days before embarkment the right to the return will be lost.
  • Security:
  • We have all the nautical safety equipment.
  • If child/ren younger than 10, please state in the contract.
  • Iinsurance for boat and passengers.
  • We advise to bring your particular insurances: baggage theft, diseases, urgent medical movements...
  • EVASIO boats are fit with top security equipment (see this page)

  • Av.Habana Vieja 13 3 3
    08860 - Castelldefels
    Telf: +34 - 609.36.74.80
    Fax: +34 - 93.633.38.55