Evasio Charter

Scuba Diving:
Submerge yourself in incredible depths anywhere you choose.
There is the possibility of hiring a scuba diving instructor.
If you are a licensed scuba diver but don't have the equipment you shouldn't worry, you can hire everything but the wetsuit.
We don't keep oxygen tanks in stock. You have to visit an authorized dealer.
Instrumento Navigation training:
Places available for those just beginning or perfecting their navigation skills on motor and sail boats. If you are a licensed navigator, you can captain the ship with help from the electronic navigation equipment, sounding line, VHF radio, GPS and plotter, automatic pilot all of which are run by you the captain.
Ways of docking the ship, proper roping, motor and electronics maintenance...

For those who were lovers of the sea and want to rest there forever.
Make your loved one's last wish come true by sprinkling their ashes in the sea.

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